Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the team

Counselling service

The Lister Fertility Clinic provides a free of charge, unique counselling service of ‘Open Door’ sessions to anyone going through treatments both before, during treatment and beyond.  We believe this provides a level of patient support, which cannot be found in any other UK Fertility Clinic.

Our team of 5 counsellors have a broad range of qualifications and experience providing a variety of choice and you can read more about them in our Counselling Service Brochure.

Implications counselling is a routine part of treatment for anyone considering donor conception or considering egg sharing or donating eggs, sperm or embryos; but available for all patients who wish to explore the implications of their treatment decisions, for themselves, their wider network and most importantly any child conceived as a result of treatment.  If in a relationship, it is important that implications counselling is attended as a couple; although additional appointments can be attended individually.  In a similar way, for patients following the route of Surrogacy to create their family, both the couple and the Surrogate and their partner (if they have one), would need to attend counselling individually first, followed by a group counselling session.  Please be assured that we will aim to make your fertility journey feel as supported and stress free as possible.

Therapeutic counselling for support is available via the Counselling Service; providing a free independent and confidential resource for all patients.  Patients can attend individually or with their partner.  This can be crucial for some patients, since past experiences or life events may be affecting them when moving forward with treatments – the counselling service provides a safe space for them to make sense, or explore things further.

Stress and anxiety arise in fertility treatments mainly because there is so little control over the outcomes – being able to talk about this and considering coping strategies can help patients to manage better as they navigate their way through their individual fertility journey.  We recognise how difficult it is to cope with the emotional and psychological distress experienced routinely during fertility treatment, which at times can feel overwhelming.  Research has shown that 90% of fertility patients experience symptoms of depression or anxiety relating to their fertility problems (Fertility Network UK 2016 ).

The Counselling Team look forward to meeting you – to make an appointment with one of our Counsellors please call the medical secretaries on 020 7881 4087/email:

Find additional resources via our Support Hub