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Satellite clinics

Satellite clinics

Lister Fertility Clinic at The Beaconsfield Clinic

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The Beaconsfield Clinic

Little Hall Barn
Windsor End

T: 0207 881 2077

Consultant Profiles

Mr Neale Watson

Consultant Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist


Mr Gavin Kemball

Consultant Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist


Services at the centre

The Lister Fertility Clinic acts as the primary licensed centre where egg retrieval and embryo transfer will take place. All scans, blood tests and administration will be carried out by Mr Watson and his team at the Beaconsfield Clinic .

Couples undergoing fertility treatment will have their ovulation induction, cycle monitoring, IUI, fet cycles and blood tests at the Beaconsfield Clinic, thereby reducing the number of visits to The Lister Fertility Clinic.

After cycle preparation at the Beaconsfield Clinic, egg collection, embryo transfer will be carried out at The Lister Fertility Clinic in Chelsea.

All treatment cycles will be co-ordinated by Jacky Taylor, Fertility Nurse Specialist, to whom all enquiries should be made.


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