Alternative Parenting & Same Sex Families
Mar 03 • 2017

For single women, same sex couples and people hoping to co-parent without being in an intimate relationship, the Lister Fertility Clinic provides comprehensive fertility investigations and a range of assisted conception treatments.

Your family, your way, with our help

Your treatment pathway begins by booking an initial appointment, ahead of which a blood test is arranged at a convenient time for you, this enables the results to be available on the same day as you first meet with your fertility specialist.

For known sperm donors and male co-parents a semen analysis can be arranged ahead of the initial consultation also. The screening tests for known sperm donors and male co-parents are the same as for men donating sperm to unknown recipients, but the age, family & personal medical history and the quality & quantity of sperm does not need to be within the same parameters as a sperm bank donor.

If you are hoping to purchase donor sperm, it is readily available from both UK and overseas sperm banks with no waiting times. Some UK banks can shortlist for you and make suggestions based on your requirements; overseas banks provide an online catalogue with a selection of UK compliant donors.

Your fertility specialist will review all of the test results and explore the different treatment options available with you. A minimum of one session of implications counselling is a routine part of treatment for single women and lesbian couples; if using a known donor or co-parenting we have three counselling appointments to make sure everyone is comfortable with their decisions before conception.

‘Open Door’ Counselling available for support before, during and following treatment!

Regulated treatment enables confirmation of legal parenthood and parental responsibility according to the consent forms signed in the clinic, but where using a known donor or co-parenting we always advocate that independent legal advice is sought also.

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