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Book an appointment

Here you can book an appointment to see a Consultant or the egg sharing team: either call, email or complete one of the forms on this page.

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See a Consultant

Appointments are generally available 2-3 weeks in advance but occasionally we have short notice appointments available. Please call for short notice appointment availability.

To book an appointment to see a Consultant please email, call or complete the form above.

See the egg sharing team

Appointments take place Monday to Friday and usually in the morning. They can be booked up to three weeks in advance and you should set aside three hours for your initial appointment.

To book an appointment to see the egg sharing team please email, call or complete the form above.


Patients can self-refer, but it is sometimes helpful to receive a referral letter from a GP, this can give a clearer picture of previous medical and gynaecological history.

Please bring any relevant information to your initial appointment that may help us to plan your fertility treatment. If you do not wish to inform your doctor, or if you do not have a doctor, please contact The Lister Fertility Clinic personally to arrange an appointment.

We will offer you an appointment that is convenient for you, usually within two weeks of initial contact.

Written referrals should be made to:

The Lister Fertility Clinic
The Lister Hospital
Chelsea Bridge Road
London SW1W 8RH


Please do not hesitate to contact our secretaries if you have any questions regarding the referral process or appointment arrangements.

Initial consultation

We encourage both partners to attend the initial fertility consultation so that both are involved in the discussions, the explanation of results and final decision-making. The consultation, together with the various diagnostic fertility tests, may take 1 to 2.5 hours. Please bring a valid passport for photo identification for registration purposes.

Ultrasound scan

A transvaginal ultrasound scan may be performed on the day of your fertility consultation before you see your consultant.

If you’ve had a scan elsewhere and can provide the results, or if you’d prefer not to have a scan when you attend, please call the medical secretaries on +44 (0)20 7881 2000. An ultrasound performed elsewhere should ideally include an antral follicle count.

An transvaginal ultrasound scan can be performed on any day of your menstrual cycle – it does not matter if you are part way through your cycle.

Semen analysis

A semen analysis is performed before seeing your doctor for your initial fertility consultation, and helps the fertility consultant to make an informed judgement about your future fertility treatment.

If a semen analysis has been performed elsewhere in the last three months and you can bring the results, you won’t need to repeat this test. If not, it is important that a semen analysis be carried out at the time of your fertility consultation. Please abstain from intercourse for three days before your appointment.

Blood tests

Before starting IVF treatment, (one of) the female partner(s) would need the following fertility tests:

  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinising Hormone (LH), Oestradiol, Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) on days 2-5 of the menstrual cycle
  • TSH, FT3 and FT4
  • HIV / Hepatitis B (HBsAG and Hepatitis B core AB) and C for both the partners
  • Full blood count
  • Rubella
  • Chlamydia.

Other diagnostic or pre-treatment tests may be required dependant on history, particular treatment undertaken and couple ethnicity but these will be discussed further during the consultation.

Your GP may carry out these tests prior to your consultation with us, which will minimise the cost and avoid any delay in commencing your fertility treatment. However you may find it more convenient to have all of these diagnostic fertility tests done at The Lister Fertility Clinic.

Overseas patients

Couples from overseas wishing to start a fertility treatment cycle immediately are advised to arrange their initial fertility consultation a week before the onset of the woman’s menstrual period. This will enable a minimal amount of waiting before starting fertility treatment and will allow time for any necessary tests to be carried out. However, please ensure that appointment times are confirmed before travelling to London. We are happy to provide a letter of support for a visa application.

An Arabic translator is available to all patients at The Lister Fertility Clinic.