Conceiving Using Donor Sperm
Jun 09 • 2017

Donor sperm can help couples where a male experiences infertility and also enables single women and lesbian couples to try to conceive in a regulated setting. The Lister Fertility Clinic has been helping families to be created for almost 30 years, with over 16,800 babies born, many with the help of donated eggs or sperm or indeed both!

Your family, your way, with our help!

If you are using a sperm bank donor, the Lister Fertility Clinic works with several banks regularly, the European Sperm Bank and Xytex are both based overseas and have online catalogues to aid sperm selection.

Sperm is also available from the UK; via the London Sperm Bank’s catalogue or Semovo who provide a more personal touch, you provide your requirements and a shortlist is provided for you.

Whichever sperm bank you choose you have the reassurance that each donor is screened in accordance with current UK regulations. Anonymity for donors was removed in the UK 2005; the system in the UK very much focussing on the needs of anyone donor conceived and promotes their ability to access information if they wish to, as an adult.

All sperm donors are registered with the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) routinely as your treatment progresses. There is a strict limit of ten families allowed to be created by each donor in the UK. Parents are able to access the year of birth and gender of any other offspring created with assistance from the same donor. Donor conceived children have coined the term diblings, for children conceived with assistance from the same donor.

Ten Families maximum per donor, not ten children

Donors have no access to information about any recipient, though they too are able to find out the gender and year of birth of any offspring they have helped to create.

Implications counselling is routinely provided ahead of treatment with donor sperm, with free of charge support counselling available via our ‘Open Door’ counselling service during and following treatment.

The Lister Fertility Clinic, part of HCA Healthcare UK aims to provide exceptional care to our exceptional patients, take the first step on your pathway to parenthood and book an appointment.

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