COVID-19 Update from Medical Director

COVID-19 Update from Medical Director

Hear from our Clinical Director, James Nicopoullos, in light of the government decision to enforce a further lockdown.


As a clinic, we have already had many enquires from patients and prospective patients alike who are are understandably anxious regarding the affect of a second lockdown on access to fertility treatment. We would therefore like to respond swiftly and concisely to try and ease any worries and concerns that I am sure many may have in light of recent developments.

Firstly, I would like to reassure you that care continues at the clinic, and that at present there is no suggestion that the HFEA will recommend the cessation of fertility treatments. In fact, in their latest statement released today, they have confirmed that at this time they have no plans to implement a national closure of fertility clinics and there is no need to postpone treatment, due to the incorporation of new safe ways of working implemented by all HFEA licensed clinics, including the Lister Fertility Clinic, during the ongoing pandemic.

We are confident that as a clinic, the safety measures already in place should allow us to continue to provide the consultations, reassurance, emotional support and time-sensitive care in as safe an environment as is possible.

Throughout the pandemic, the Lister Hospital, part of HCA Healthcare UK, has remained at full working capacity providing both continuing private care and assisting the NHS when necessary with measures in place throughout that has allowed us to deliver exceptional care in the safest possible environment. As the pandemic progresses, our strategies and safety measures, required to ensure compliance with professional guidelines before re-opening in May 2020 and designed to ensure that a new national closure of fertility clinics should not be necessary, are under continuous review to ensure optimal safety.

These include remote consultations to minimise travel and exposure for our patients and our team, coronavirus screening to help reduce the risk of infection in our hospitals and clinics, the implementation of social distancing within the clinic to make sure we limit close interactions and the mandatory use of masks, that will be provided on arrival. Enhanced disinfection measures including increasing the number of hand sanitiser stations, limiting companions and visitors and extensive COVID-19 testing for all clinical and support staff. This will ensure we keep our colleagues and patients as safe as possible at all times, and help to put your mind at ease throughout your time with us.

The added burden of the Covid-19 pandemic further heightens the emotional and psychological distress of fertility issues. As a clinic, we are committed to supporting all our patients through this time and encourage you to make use of the support lines available at the clinic including free counselling appointments, informational webinars and video consultations with the team and clinical and admin query support – the contact details for which can be found on both our website and accompanying this announcement.

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to change and develop, so too will the measures we have in place, so that we can continue to do what we have always set out to do: deliver exceptional care in the safest possible environment.


James Nicopoullos (Medical Director)

Thursday, November 5th


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