Patient Support Hub

Patient Support Hub

Patient Support Hub


In this unprecedented period where we are unable to provide any new routine cycle activity until further notice in line with guidance from our professional bodies (BFS, ASRM, ESHRE) and regulator (HFEA), we are acutely aware that the stress and anxiety experienced routinely during fertility treatment can be overwhelming. Even without the added burden of the COVID-19 crisis and delay, the emotional and psychological distress is often heightened by the feeling of having such little control over the outcomes.

As well as our commitment to supporting local Early Pregnancy NHS services with our expertise, the Lister Fertility Clinic is committed to supporting all our patients through this time.



We offer the public, whether our patients or not, the opportunity to speak with one of our expert fertility Consultants via a free support line between 9am – 5pm (Monday to Friday) to discuss COVID-19 and fertility related queries, current treatment plans and how this delay will affect them and options for when treatment can begin. If necessary we may recommend you book a consultation with either  your own clinic or with us.

Please call us on 07850 502 709 to arrange to speak to one of our expert Consultants.



We recognise how difficult it is to cope with the emotional and psychological distress experienced due to the COVID-19 crisis which is why we continue to offer our normal free counselling service for support via phone / FaceTime or Skype to our patients. However we are aware that this is needed now more than ever for all so mini-counselling appointments are also available to everyone.

Being able to talk about this and considering coping strategies can help patients to manage better as they navigate their way through their individual fertility journey.

To book a free counselling appointment please call us on 0207 881 2000 or email



Whilst we are unable to commence any new treatment cycles at this time, we are dedicated to ensuring that you are able to begin treatment as quickly as possible when restrictions are lifted. In order to do this, please reach out to our new patient enquiry team to discuss our available treatments and provide any details that we may need to contact you as soon as we are able to restart our full service. You also have the option to have a Virtual Consultation with one of our Consultants to begin your treatment plan (please note, usual consultation fees apply).

To book a consultation please phone: 0207 881 2000 or email


We will stay in regular contact with updates and can assure you that as soon as it is safe to do so and restrictions are lifted we will be able to commence treatments immediately and at a high capacity. Thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times.

To book a counselling appointment: Phone: 0207 881 2000 Email:

For the clinical support line: Phone: 07850 502 709

To book a new or follow up consultation: Phone: 0207 881 2000 Email:

For any clinical nurse / admin queries: Phone: 0207 881 2000 Email: