Dealing with stress – Alison Thomas
Sep 28 • 2020

Read some thoughts on managing stress during fertility treatment from our experienced sonographer Alison Thomas

Starting fertility investigations or treatment can cause stress & anxiety. Now add in the times we are living in & that stress & anxiety increases. How to deal with it. Well there is a way & guess what…it’s FREE!

It’s simply using your breath.

We breathe 25000 times a day but do we really breath?

So where to start. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position-no right or wrong here. Firstly become aware of your breath. Place one hand in your chest & the other on your belly & inhale. Where do you feel it? Probably your chest. Try inhaling deep into your abdomen & feel the belly rise & fall as you exhale. Now that’s taking a breath!

Becoming aware of your breath & using it in this way allows your para-sympathetic nervous system to kick in. This will in turn allow you to calm down & release that stress & anxiety.

When you are ready let’s try some different breath techniques. You can do these at any time & anywhere!

So let’s get breathing!

Take a deep inhale into the belly & as you exhale, exhale through the mouth. Purse the lips & exhale. Make your e hale linger than your inhale(perhaps 4 counts in, 6-8 counts out). Maybe you would rather sigh & feel the tension melt a away. Or you could focus on a sound or a word(like a mantra). Just focus on your breath. Your mind will wander but come back to your breath. Your breath is your anchor, always therefor you.

Next 4-7-8 technique.

Exhale fully.

Inhale for a count of 4

Hold for a count of 7

Exhale for a count of 8

Try this for 4 or 5 rounds.

This is helpful before bed to help you to relax.

Try these 2 breath techniques & see how you feel.

Love & Gratitude ❤️?

Alison Thomas