Egg Freezing and Counselling
Jun 07 • 2017

Many women think that exploring their fertility with a view to freezing eggs might reduce stress, pausing any potential panic around a ticking biological clock… and for some this might be true.

For others walking in to the clinic can be quite nerve wracking, having the blood test and internal ultrasound scan, their first experience in private medicine or increased anxiety waiting for the results and consultation; which will hopefully provide clarity around the options available.

Clarity is one of those confusing things, we don’t often realise how important it is until we don’t have it! Whichever of our amazing consultants is seen, patients receive an exceptional level of personalised care, a review of the test results which can suggest the best treatment options and medication protocols but it also brings recognition that there are no guarantees.

Women are designed badly, fertility wise only, of course; we have the most eggs we will ever have a couple of months before we’re born. Once we’ve got the maximum number of eggs we begin to lose them in vast numbers, again before we’re born. We will usually ovulate around 400 times during our lifetime, but our periods continue beyond our fertile years. So we sometimes assume pregnancy is possible, but it’s not always.

The Lister Fertility Clinic provides counselling via our ‘Open Door’ counselling service for all patients, whether trying to conceive now, in the future from frozen eggs or embryos or donating eggs. Support counselling is free of charge before, during and following treatment. 

Counselling isn’t there to guide or advise what should or shouldn’t be done, rather to provide a robust foundation of support at a time when we know thoughts and feelings can fluctuate and there can routinely be a lack of clarity around what feels 100% right.

The counselling team work with women who have a low chance of success with one or two eggs frozen, who are delighted that they did ‘something’, very grounded in the reality they may well not work, but who with a rational mind wanted to go ahead.

We work with women who choose not to freeze eggs, deciding instead what was right for them would be to see how they felt in the future, but for now, trying naturally if they meet the right partner and using donated eggs if needed felt best.

We work with women who have many eggs frozen and just feel they need to have one more cycle as they don’t just want one or two children in the future, they’d like three or more.

There isn’t a right or wrong thing to do, we’re all individual and as mentally well, autonomous adults are able to make decisions that work for us…knowing support is there if we need it.

If you’re thinking of freezing eggs, do book a counselling appointment, find out more via our Support Hub, you might not think counselling is needed, but meeting a member of the counselling team now can make it easier to get in touch if you do think we can help in the future.