Embracing Alternative Family Week at the Lister Fertility Clinic
Feb 28 • 2017

Embracing Alternative Family Week at the Lister Fertility Clinic

Alternative Parenting Week 2017 17-23 September 2017, the Lister Fertility Clinic is delighted to share details of their egg sharing information morning on Saturday 16th September, the weekend that kick starts a week of events planned to empower anyone interested in an alternative parenting pathway.

Saturday 16th September 10am

The Lister Hospital

Chelsea Bridge Road


Egg-sharing enables eligible women to donate eggs as part of their own treatment to try to conceive or to preserve their fertility through egg freezing.  Yau Thum, the lead consultant for the egg donation department reassures that only women where their fertility is good enough that sharing would not have a detrimental impact on their own treatment are able to take part; but for those who are eligible, standard IVF is free of charge.

As a clinic we welcome single women and lesbian couples whom have often put much thought in to trying to conceive ahead of attending an initial appointment at the clinic.  We know this additional thought can create a sense of feeling ready to begin treatment, reassured they have both knowledge and awareness; we provide free of charge support, before, during and following treatment, via our open door counselling service as we know so much thought can sometimes create a sense of how people think that ‘should’ be feeling, rather than how they are, we also include routine implications counselling ahead of treatment. Tracey Sainsbury, Fertility Counsellor, shares ‘meeting with a member of the counselling team ahead of treatment, in addition to exploring the implications of treatment, can make it easier to access support later on, once  a patient has met with a member of the counselling team in person.’

For lesbian couples egg sharing can include having embryos created for the egg sharers own treatment, but more often we are now seeing more couples who both wish to be actively involved in growing their baby. One partner by producing the egg and the other by carrying the pregnancy. Our single women, choosing not to settle for the wrong relationship in which to parent, may choose to create embryos using donor sperm to try to conceive now, or freeze eggs or embryos for the future.

However you are thinking of exploring your own pathway to  parenthood, if egg-sharing might be an option then do book in to attend and find out more.