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27 /05
Virtual Live Webinar

Location of Virtual Live Events to Hosted by WebEx

Thursday 27 May 2021, 18.00

Introducing Lister Fertility Clinic at The Beaconsfield Clinic – IVF information Event

Our new satellite clinic at The Beaconsfield Clinic offers access to our 30 years of experience as one of the leading private fertility treatment centres in the UK, in the Beaconsfield area. The clinic provides initial and follow-up consultations with senior Lister Fertility Clinic team members who will arrange investigations and discuss fertility treatment options with patients.

This event will be led by Mr Neale Watson who will present information on the fertility treatment options available at The Lister Fertility Clinic at The Beaconsfield Clinic and an overview of the IVF process itself. Attendees will also have the ability to submit questions live and have them answered by the Consultant.

To reserve a place at our virtual event please complete the contact form below. You will then be sent a confirmation of registration including details on how to access the webinar.