If you’d like to see one of The Lister Fertility Clinic doctors, all you have to do is call +44 (0)20 7881 2000 to book an initial consultation. We usually have short notice appointments available.

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When you first come to The Lister Fertility Clinic for your initial consultation, one of our doctors will assess your unique situation and recommend the best course of treatment for you. A transvaginal ultrasound scan and semen test are normally performed in the clinic prior to your initial consultation. Various additional diagnostic test results are required for your fertility consultant to provide a fully informed consultation tailored to your needs. The total consultation, including diagnostic tests, may take 1-2.5 hours.

Yes, of course! We host free open evenings for patients who may need fertility treatment, and also for egg sharers / egg donors. Find out more and book a place at one of our Free open evenings

The clinic offers a wide range of treatment options, depending upon your individual circumstances. The best fertility treatments for you will be determined by your consultant at your initial appointment.

The Lister Fertility Clinic has over 25 years of proven success, and our success rates are well above the national average. Read other patients’ experiences of The Lister Fertility Clinic

If you need IVF, but can’t afford it, you may want to consider donating your eggs in return for free IVF treatment. If you’re 21-35 you may be eligible. Find out more on our egg sharing page

Of course! We’d love to receive your donated eggs and will support you every step of the egg donation process.

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Every Autumn, The Lister Fertility Clinic offers free IVF cycles to an increasing number of patients, in partnership with Infertility Network UK (IN UK). If you’re interested in applying, you enter into a draw (so long as you meet eligibility criteria) and the lucky winners are drawn at random towards the end of December.