Fiona Neale became pregnant on her first IVF attempt
Feb 12 • 2014

Fiona Neal, Paralympic silver medallist, was told that it was highly unlikely that she would ever get pregnant. But against all odds and with the support of the Lister Fertility Clinic, Fiona gave birth to baby Sophia.

Fiona always wanted to find a baby but was told to delay because of medical reasons. When she finally visited her local hospital and said that she desperately wanted to have a child she was informed that her fertility (AMH) levels were too low.

She explained: “I was told that I wouldn’t respond to the treatment and nobody with my kind of fertility levels would ever get pregnant and no doctor will treat me.” After taking it upon herself to research fertility clinics on the internet, Fiona saw recommendations of The Lister Fertility Clinic from people who had been successful.

Fiona commented: “It’s just unreal”. To get pregnant on the first cycle with just one embryo put back in, she’s just a miracle baby.” Watch Fiona’s remarkable story below.