Frozen Egg Banks

Frozen Egg Banks

Frozen Egg Banks

Using an Egg Bank at Lister Fertility Clinic


Lister Fertility Clinic has launched two new international partnerships to provide frozen donor eggs to our patients. By partnering with egg banks in Cyprus, we are able to provide and facilitate donor eggs for a treatment cycle with no significant waiting time. All donors will be compliant with Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) regulations and national professional guidance on donor screening and anonymity legislation. The experienced team at Lister Fertility Clinic will guide you through your options and the key factors to consider in your decision.

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About our egg bank partners:

Cyprus Egg Bank Clinic

The Lister Fertility Clinic will manage both the donor matching process and your treatment cycle for donor eggs obtained from this clinic. We will provide you with a list of donors registered at the clinic that match your criteria. Once you have chosen a donor, we will inform the egg bank. The donor will begin the screening process and the egg bank will send the results to us. The donor will then start the egg collection and freezing process, and the frozen eggs will be transferred to our clinic. We will provide you with a treatment plan for your donated egg thaw cycle.


The benefits of using an Egg Bank


Using an egg bank to source your donor eggs gives you faster access to treatment, as there is a shorter time between choosing your donor and having treatment. Sourcing eggs from an egg bank also allows for the timing of your treatment plan to be tailored to you. As the donor eggs will have already been transferred to us, there’s no need for you to synchronise with your donor’s cycle. This means we can provide your treatment cycle at a time that suits you, rather than your donor. There’s also less chance of a cancelled cycle when using frozen donor eggs, which can greatly reduce stress and anxiety.


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