Lister Fertility Clinic success with ERA test improves chances of implantation
Mar 10 • 2015

Mr James Nicopoullos, Consultant Gynaecologist at The Lister Fertility Clinic discusses recent publicity regarding the ERA test

Recent news, as seen in The Guardian link below, reveals that women who have recurrent implantation failure could benefit from a new biopsy preocedure, optimising the outcoming and minimising further failed cycles, is examined here by our Consultant Gynaecologist Mr James Nicopoullos:

“In all couples there is a narrow window of opportunity when the womb lining (endometrium) is optimal to receive an embryo. In some who have recurrent implantation failure, it may be that this “endometrial receptivity” is displaced either back or forward a few days. The ERA test analyses the genes in a small piece of endometrial tissue taken on the day of normal “receptivity”. In up to 20% of couples this result confirms the endometrium is “non-receptive” so this window is displaced. This can allow us to personalise the day of embryo transfer and optimise the outcome and minimise further failed cycles. The biopsy procedure is simple, fast and performed in clinic in a similar procedure to an embryo transfer. The Lister Fertility Clinic has offered this test for some time now with considerable success and it is a further tool in our armoury in those couples with frustrating repeat cycle failures.”