Lister Fertility Clinic team reunite with past patients at The Fertility Show
Nov 13 • 2017

The Lister Fertility Clinic team were reunited with former patients at this year’s Fertility Show, in which the Lister team consulted with over 2,900 guests in two days.

The Fertility Show is an annual event that took place at Olympia, London on 4-5 November, which gave visitors the unique opportunity to access fertility information, support and advice all under one roof. 2,945 people visited our team at The Lister Fertility Clinic stand over the weekend (1,737 on Saturday and 1,208 on Sunday). As well as discussing their individual situations with our doctors, nurses, counsellors and embryologists, visitors were given promotional vouchers to enjoy £50 off an initial consultation at the Clinic.

In addition to our fertility experts providing advice on the stand, three members of the Lister team contributed their expertise at the Show’s seminars, which offered visitors unparalleled access to the best minds in fertility.  First up was fertility counsellor Tracey Sainsbury, who advised attendees on how to manage your relationships throughout the fertility journey.

On Sunday, Consultant Gynaecologist Mr James Nicopoullos discussed how to test your fertility and the value of your ovarian reserve, outlining which investigations are available and what they can (and can’t) tell you about your fertility.

Mr Sam Abdalla, Lister Fertility’s Clinical director, addressed the topic of whether anyone with low ovarian reserve is too difficult to treat. He spoke about how, as medical techniques improve, so the boundaries of those who can be helped to conceive through reproductive medicine seem to widen. Sam looked at the boundaries of reproductive medicine today and talked about whether anyone be treated and any problem overturned.

It was after Mr Abdalla’s talk that Fertility Show Manager Natasha Waterfield had the chance to meet with the Clinic Director. Over two decades ago Natasha’s parents Nadia and Patrick underwent IVF treatment with Mr Abdalla, resulting in the couple’s three children, Natasha and twin sister Elena 24, and younger sister Emily 19, being conceived through Lister Fertility Clinic. With over 17,000 ‘Lister babies’ being born over the clinic’s almost 30 year history, it is always great to catch up with how previous patients are getting on.

Speaking about her meeting with Mr Abdalla, Natasha said; ‘When I started working for The Fertility Show a year ago, I was excited to discover that Sam Abdalla would be speaking again at the 2017 show. I was so thrilled to finally meet him, as were my parents who were so happy to see him again after so many years!’

To hear more from previous patients check out our website here: To find out more about the Show, visit the website