Mrs Amy Olson had PCOS but fell pregnant on her first IVF cycle at the Clinic
Feb 10 • 2014

The doctors at The Lister Fertility Clinic are experts in their field and I trusted them implicitly, which is not what I experienced at other fertility clinics. I spoke to several happy patients via online fertility forums and everyone spoke so highly of The Lister Fertility Clinic. Then when I popped in for an initial chat I was very impressed by all the staff I spoke with: it was my first-choice clinic by a mile.

I had known for a long time that I would need fertility treatment to conceive. I have severe PCOS and stopped ovulating naturally about ten years ago. My first daughter was conceived thanks to ovulation stimulation (Clomid) at my local NHS hospital. When my husband and I started discussing the possibility of having another child, I underwent ovulation stimulation as a private patient at an NHS fertility clinic, assuming that Clomid would again be sufficient. We managed to fall pregnant quickly but sadly experienced a pregnancy loss at about nine weeks. After that, we had several unsuccessful attempts with Clomid. It was at this point I started researching clinics with a view to trying IVF.

I was beginning to feel pretty desperate and low, especially after my pregnancy loss, but as soon as I became a patient at The Lister Fertility Clinic I felt very positive about my chances of achieving another pregnancy. And I was fortunate enough to fall pregnant on my first, and only, cycle of IVF!