Patient success story after receiving free IVF at Lister Fertility Clinic
Jun 29 • 2016

An inspirational success story from a patient who won a free cycle of IVF at the Lister Fertility Clinic.

This is an incredible life-changing story about Rose Herft, 31, and her partner Kobby Manyo-Plange, 27, from Stevenage, who were finally able to have a child of their own, after 10 years of heartbreak, through free IVF at Lister Fertility Clinic’s annual prize draw.

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The Lister Fertility Clinic work in conjunction with Infertility Network UK to host a prize draw where 25 lucky women receive a free cycle of IVF. Rose and Kobby, winners of the prize draw in 2012 now have a beautiful 2 year old daughter and share their story.

Mother, Rose had been through nearly ten years of heartbreak including two excruciating ectopic pregnancies and two failed rounds of IVF before she fell pregnant with Mya-Rose (pictured)

Rose first fell pregnant in 2003 when she was just 18 but eight weeks into the pregnancy, medics found that the pregnancy was ectopic – when the fertilised egg grows in a fallopian tube – and that Rose would need to have an emergency removal.  She said: ‘I knew I needed to have an abortion to save my own life, but I was absolutely heartbroken.’

After the procedure, she was delivered yet more devastating news when surgeons told her they’d had to remove her entire fallopian tube on one side.

A year and a half later, Rose fell pregnant, but discovered the pregnancy was ectopic again.  She said: ‘I was still only in my early 20s and I’d had both my fallopian tubes removed – it was almost too much to bear.’

By the time she was 22, Rose was in a serious relationship and she and her partner decided to try IVF.

Because the NHS waiting list was five years long, they volunteered for an ‘egg swap’ where Rose donated five of her eggs to a woman who couldn’t produce any, and in return the woman covered the costs of Rose’s IVF treatment. She said “It took a lot of courage to try again after two ectopic pregnancies.” Sadly, neither Rose nor the woman she donated her eggs to fell pregnant, but Rose was determined to have a child.

She said “By this point I was in my late 20s and had been trying for a baby for almost ten years…I yearned for a child of my own.”

In 2012, Rose and Kobby saw an advert online for a prize draw offering free fertility treatment for couples at the Lister Fertility Clinic, – worth £10,500 – to celebrate the clinic’s birthday.

The Lister Fertility Clinic selected Rose, along with 24 other women to take part in free IVF treatment, and were able to give her the opportunity to finally become a mother after 10 long years.

In June 2014, Mya-Rose was born via planned C-section at a tiny but perfect 5lbs 2oz.  Rose added: ‘It’s amazing to think that my name being pulled from a draw could have brought this bundle of joy into the world.’

Now Mya-Rose is a happy, healthy two-year-old with boundless energy.

Rose said: ‘It’s taken ten years, but Mya-Rose was worth every second. She’s perfect. When she’s older we’ll tell her just how much she was wanted – and that she really is precious to us.’

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