The Lister Fertility Clinic runs a successful egg sharing programme
Nov 17 • 2016

Egg donation offers new hope for a large number of women who previously thought they could never have children. For example some women experience premature menopause at an early age, have undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or who are carriers of a genetic disorder and do not wish to pass their condition onto their unborn child.

The LFC is committed to providing fertility services. The Lister Fertility Clinic is one of the largest and most successful Units in the UK.

We run a successful Egg Sharing Programme which benefits 2 group of women, those who need IVF treatment and recipients who need anonymous egg donation as conventional treatment is not an option because they are unable to produce their own eggs. The egg sharer will receive standard IVF treatment if they chose to share her eggs with a recipient. The woman sharing her eggs will not be charged for her own standard IVF treatment, apart from the HFEA licence fee (£80).

The criteria to join the egg-share programme is for a woman to:

• Be aged between 18 and 35
• Have a normal FSH level, below 10 IU/l
• Have a normal Antimullerian Hormone (AMH) level
• Have normal blood screens
• Have no personal or family history of inheritable disorders
• Have a BMI of <30
• If the woman is adopted she must have family history available or have had her own children to be accepted on to the programme.

The egg sharer to attend for initial investigations of pelvic ultrasound and AMH blood tests. Then the patient/ couple will need to attend the Lister for initial consultations, the egg sharer and recipient will not meet the donation is completely anonymous. The egg sharer can find out if there has been a positive pregnancy or live birth from her donation and the sex of the baby and year of birth.

Dr Thum Lead Clinician of the Egg Donation Department who also specialises in Reproductive immunology says – The Lister is one of the largest clinics in the UK, with very good success rates. We run one of the largest egg sharing programmes in the country. For the last few years the egg donation department has improved significantly and we have streamlined our egg sharing process providing outstanding patient care.