The Lister Fertility Clinic story
Jan 01 • 2014

Read about why The Lister Fertility Clinic is the right choice for your fertility needs

It gives me great pleasure to open this blog.  I have been the director of The Lister Fertility Clinic for 25 years now and we have steadily built it to become what it is today: one of the largest and most successful fertility clinics in the country.

Fertility treatment is both delicate and complex because it involves medical, emotional, financial and social challenges for patients: making decisions about patient care and the best treatment approach means taking into account all of these factors.  Not only are we treating couples who want to achieve the same goal and ultimate outcome, but each half of the couple present with their own emotional issues and it is of utmost importance to recognise that, whilst still being able to arrange first class care for the patients concerned.  It is particularly difficult when one wants to maximise a couple’s chances of success.  Such chances are highly related to age, ovarian reserve and other influencing factors.  Patients with low ovarian reserve (high FSH, low AMH, low antral follicle counts) may have been previously advised to try egg donation as this gives them a higher chance of achieving a pregnancy.  Not all couples are keen to use donor eggs so the challenge, in this scenario, is to give them the opportunity to try with their own eggs whilst being realistic about the chances of achieving a pregnancy using their own eggs.

When The Lister Fertility Clinic first opened there were only six members of staff and we now have over 60 employees, including eight other doctors.  Managing such a large clinic is an exciting challenge, as we aim to continually maintain and improve our standards of medical and scientific practice, whilst treating our patients as individuals.  Providing such treatment depends entirely on openness and a supportive environment.  

When we opened the clinic in 1998, we started a database which we still use today and we therefore have a wealth of information regarding the 30,000 patients we have treated over the years.  Developing our ‘pregnancy calculator’ has allowed us to quote predicted pregnancy chances to our patients and this calculator is currently available on our website.

Over the last 25 years we have seen many developments in reproductive technology. We offer the most modern treatment advances to our patients such as ICSI, IMSI, egg freezing and CGH for genetic testing of embryos.

Our scientific embryology staff are among the very best practitioners in the country and, as well as providing an excellent laboratory service, they are extremely compassionate and talk to our patients whenever the need arises.  Our nursing staff work tirelessly to ensure that every individual patient is provided with the support and knowledge that they deserve throughout their treatment and our administrative staff deal professionally with the impossible task of providing the doctors and patients with support they need.  Our clinic also prides itself on providing a free counselling service to any patients who have been for a consultation, even if they didn’t embark upon treatment.  Some patients even use the counselling service after the delivery of a baby, when they feel in need of extra support.

Running The Lister Fertility Clinic has certainly been a great challenge throughout the years, but it has provided me, the staff and thousands of our patients with much happiness and fulfilment.