Understanding Pricing

We know that undertaking fertility treatment can be challenging and part of that is understanding the potential costs involved. We make every effort to ensure our fees are as transparent and simple as possible to understand. We have a dedicated billing team who are there to answer any queries you have before and during your treatment.

Before you start your treatment you should receive a clear costed treatment plan, so you can begin your journey knowing what your treatment should cost.

Although no two journeys are the same, to make matters easier we have mapped out a patient journey and the costs involved at each stage in some of our most common treatment cycles. Our full price list is available for more detail.


Stage 1: Initial assessment

All individuals / couples will need initial investigations to help ascertain and understand the cause of any potential issues and help to plan treatment.

Once an initial history is taken, other tests may on occasion be recommended or required to complete an assessment.

Initial consultation£ 230
AMH blood test*£ 110
Pelvic Ultrasound Scan*£ 200
Semen Analysis* (if applicable)£ 165
Potential Cost£ 705

* Only if not performed elsewhere


Stage 2: Pre-treatment investigations

Once treatment is decided upon, all individuals / couples will need certain pre-treatment investigations either as a regulatory requirement or good medical practice as below.

All but the required virology screening may also be performed with your GP and the full list of these can be found in the detailed price list.

These are required before a first cycle and do not need repeating before each cycle, but at specific intervals as guided by the clinical team.

Female Virology – HIV / Hep B / Hep C£ 145£ 145£ 145N/A
Male Virology (if applicable)£ 145N/A£ 145N/A
Supplementary female tests if not done by GP£ 295£ 45£ 295£ 249
Potential Cost£ 585£ 190£ 585£ 249


Stage 3: Treatment Costs

The below table outlines costs that will apply in all cycles of treatment of each kind.

Treatment Cycle£ 3,950£ 3,750£ 1,150£ 1,950
Medication (average value)£ 1,400£ 1,200£ 220£ 200
Monitoring bloods (average value)£ 400£ 400N/AN/A
Potential Cost£ 5,750£ 5,350£ 1,370£ 2,150


With IVF, some supplementary costs may be incurred in certain common circumstances as guided by your clinical case and response as below.

Additional Common ServicesCost
Blastocyst Culture£ 615
ICSI Fertilisation£ 1,390
Freezing of Supernumerary Embryos£ 940


Each treatment journey is different, with variation potentially seen in medication costs, with some requiring less and some more.

On occasion, recommended further treatment “add-ons” may be recommended after discussion and explanation around the evidence of benefit.

Prior to commencing treatment, you will be given a personalised costed treatment plan outlining in more detail the likely costs of Step 3.