What can I do to improve my fertility?
Feb 28 • 2017

1. Manage your Stress

Thankfully we have research that reassures that stress does not impact on the outcome of assisted conception treatment; but managing stress well can make treatment psychologically easier and if trying naturally, reducing stress may improve fertility. When we are stressed our sex drive often reduces and with significant stress, male and female hormones can be affected.

One of the best forms of stress relief is sexual intercourse

Learning to manage stress well can be difficult, especially after trying to conceive naturally for some time, which is why at the Lister Fertility Clinic we have free of charge counselling available for patients before, during and following treatment and our support group too.

2. Think about drink

It’s not just the foods we eat that impact on our fertility, both alcohol and caffeine have been shown to impact too. Research is mixed as to whether some alcohol and/or caffeine is safe; but for anyone investing in assisted conception treatment it makes sense to reduce consumption and where possible to embrace an alcohol and caffeine free lifestyle whilst you are pro-actively trying to conceive.

3. Watch what you eat

If you are outside of the healthy BMI range, getting within it might improve your fertility. Being overweight or underweight can impact on hormones in addition to affecting fertility. Eating a healthy balanced diet needn’t be a bore or a chore; making sure each meal is colourful ensures you’re having a variety of fruit and vegetables. If you’re trying to conceive now, taking folic acid and vitamin D are recommended within a diet rich in protein, iron, zinc and vitamin C too.

There is more vitamin C in half a chopped red pepper than a large orange

4. Stop Smoking

It’s not just cigarettes we encourage people to stop smoking to improve fertility, cannabis and electronic cigarettes can also impact. It takes a man three months to create sperm, so stopping some time ahead of trying to conceive can make a positive impact to sperm production and for women stopping smoking may promote improved egg quality and implantation process.

If there was something specific that could be done to boost fertility, such as standing on your head whilst juggling guavas or drinking 12 pints of milk before breakfast – you would be told by a doctor to do it. What we can do is support you in managing stress well by having support available, promoting a healthy BMI and a colourful diet, suggesting that you drink sensibly and stop smoking, then hoping that you are aware that you are probably doing all you can.

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